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What is LTL or TL?
Tuesday, December 6, 2016

What is LTL or TL?

If you are just delving into ground shipping, you may be wondering what the numerous acronyms mean.  Transport companies use terms like LTL, FTL, and TL to describe the services they offer.



LTL means Less Than Truck Load, whereas TL means Truck Load.


LTL is usually a more cost efficient option and is ideal for small businesses and customers who have smaller shipments.  Your shipment will be combined with other LTL shipments along the same route, meaning the transportation costs are shared.  An LTL shipment will make multiple stops and may have to unpack and repack goods, so it will take longer than a TL shipment. 


TL, also known as FTL, is for customers with a full truck load.  However, many with less than a truck load still opt for a dedicated truck.  If the materials they are shipping are delicate or high risk, FTL shipping adds extra security as the materials aren’t repacked.  Also, customers who need expedited shipping are better served with FTL as there are less stops.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.  In addition to LTL and TL freight, we can also help with warehousing, project management, and distribution. 


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