Careers at Gateway

Gateway Distribution is a premium freight carrier unique for specializing in shipping Odd Sized Freight and Light Poles. We have the DOT’s highest rating and are classified by the FMCSA as one of the safest carriers on the road.

As an experienced truck driver, you are in great demand. Gateway Distribution offers some of the most exciting and rewarding transportation jobs available in the industry. Gateway will maximize your unique skills and encourage professional growth, while providing a completely inclusive environment that delivers outstanding benefits, compensation and training.

At Gateway, we pride ourselves on employing qualified, respectful drivers who enjoy working in an environment that is focused on providing stellar customer service. We take good care of good people, so we get our drivers home on weekends!

Get a move on your career!

Let’s get started! If you have some questions, you can reach us at (888) 616-1152. Or you can email If you don’t have any questions and you are ready to get started, you can fill out the quick form below and then we will contact you.

You can also fill out our online job applications here (approximately 30 minutes):

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