Safety & Compliance

Safety & Compliance

Gateway Distribution holds the highest safety rating issued by the Department of Transportation. By definition, this implies that “… a motor carrier has in place and functioning adequate safety management controls to meet the safety and fitness standard prescribed in Sec. 385.” This rating, designated “Satisfactory” in Sec. 385.3, appears as the first (1) classification in the regulations.

All of our drivers go through safety training and screening prior to getting behind the wheel. Our orientation process guarantees their knowledge of our Policies and Procedures, as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rules and regulations for safe and compliant operation of tractors and trailers. Once employed, continuing education and monitoring of all drivers guarantees our customers will receive the highest levels of service with a carrier that is second to none.

In operation more than 25 years, Gateway’s employees know what it takes to develop a culture of safety. Our team members go above and beyond what is simply required in every aspect of our business. This has led to our culture of safety extending outwards to all departments within our company – not just our drivers.

Gateway CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) Ratings

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) is a safety initiative that was established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2010. It is designed to provide motor carriers and drivers with attention from FMCSA and state partners regarding potential safety problems with an ultimate goal of achieving a greater reduction in large truck and bus crashes, injuries, and fatalities.

This program has changed the way safety is looked at within transportation companies and Gateway is on the cutting edge, working diligently with federal, state, and local enforcement to continue to provide the utmost in safety for drivers and equipment on the nation’s roadways.

All of Gateway Distribution’s CSA scores are below the thresholds set by the FMCSA. This being said, Gateway carries the distinction of being classified as one of the safest carriers on the road.

Our Safety Director

Willy Jennings has over 35 years of transportation Safety & Loss Prevention management experience and holds two professional certifications: Certified Director of Safety (CDS) and Certified Safety and Health Manager (CHSM). CDS is issued through the North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI). CHSM is issued through the Institute for Safety & Health Management (ISHM). Both are fully accredited organizations that promote Safety and Excellence in Transportation and the Workplace.

Willy actively participates in several organizations including the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and Cooperative Hazardous Materials Enforcement (COHMED). He is currently a Board member for the Ohio Trucking Safety Council and a sitting member of the American Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council.

Gateway also supports the Ohio Truck Driving Championships and Mr. Jennings sits on this OTA committee. This organization allows for drivers from all over the state of Ohio, from all companies, to compete with each other and test their safe driving skills, pre-trip, and knowledge skills. Champions are awarded with recognition and proceed to the National Truck Driving Championship, which is conducted annually by American Trucking Associations.

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